Project Information 
Type Transportation
Design Architect Pascall+Watson
Location Manchester, UK
Date 2020
Client Laing O'Rourke
Stage 4-5
Facts and Figures
Buildings Pier 2

Aerial Perspective

Pier 2 Phase 1 is within the Mancester Airport Transformation Programme. The building provides a link from T2 Extension at L30 for departures and back into Immigation Hall at L10 for arrivals. It accomodates Code C and E bus gates with PRM capability and 3 arrivals bus gates with CTA capability. In Phase 2, the additional 6 airbridges with FLB node access will be included within the 2024 conversion plan.
Architectural Designer
Manage Pier 2 Phase 1 Stage 4 documentation while site works are ongoing.
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